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What is Workload Planning?

Workload planning, also known as workload management, involves a strategic approach to optimizing your team's productivity to achieve your objectives. It entails the systematic breakdown of team tasks and the creation of an efficient schedule to ensure equitable and purposeful work distribution.

This typically begins with task assignments based on team members' capacity, skillsets, and areas of expertise. Considerations also include factors such as planned time off and hours allocated for administrative or non-project-related tasks.

Workload Widget on

The Workload Widget on empowers your team to excel by efficiently managing task distribution. Easily assign and balance tasks based on team members' capacity, skills, and availability, ensuring everyone's working at their peak. With real-time insights, you can adapt as projects evolve, guaranteeing a smooth workflow.

Workload planning can be complex, but following certain steps and using a workload management tool can help create a solid foundation for testing and optimizing a team's workload.

Create a list of items that your team needs to do

To initiate the process of workload planning, start by compiling a comprehensive inventory of all the tasks that your team must undertake for the upcoming project or an appropriate time frame, depending on your team's operational schedule. Carefully consider each task, ranging from high-priority and specialized assignments to administrative duties and general tasks such as email management and meeting attendance.

Take into account the workload capacity of each team member

Having completed the task list, the subsequent stage involves determining the time that your team can allocate to these assignments. Start by generating a sum of the total hours your employees are slated to work during the project. Do they usually spend at least 8 hours in the office daily or more?

Consolidate your efforts by distributing tasks

Initiate this process by delegating the most critical tasks initially, matching them with the team member who is most suitable for each assignment, taking into account the capacity and strengths identified in the preceding step. For enhanced simplicity, consider employing a resource allocation template or a similar format from Monday's work management tools. In the template provided below, you can distribute tasks across projects and designate task statuses or due dates.

Use a workload planning tool to visualize your team’s work

Tools such as Monday's work management provide the capability to construct resource allocation displays to assess the equilibrium of your team's workload. This is presented in a user-friendly visual format, as demonstrated below:

As circumstances evolve or shift, you will have the ability to effortlessly reassign tasks to alternative due dates or team members to maintain a balanced workload. These adjustments will be reflected in real-time, ensuring that your entire team remains well-informed and aligned.

Workload planning serves the purpose of optimizing resource utilization within your team or organization. Additionally, it plays a vital role in mitigating employee stress and burnout while fostering higher engagement and productivity. By constructing a workload planning tool using Monday's work management platform, you can seamlessly integrate it with other boards and tools dedicated to project management, task tracking, and a wide array of functionalities.

Experience comprehensive work management with Monday to benefit your entire business. Watch our tutorial video about the Workload widget here.

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