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What is Workspace?

Updated: Feb 5 is one of the central hubs where everyone on your team will collaborate. With the workspace, you can plan, review, and organize your week by assigning projects to various departments to ensure that various types of work are completed on time. is easy definitely easy to use if you’re thinking about using the workspace. Here’s a blog about it:

Creating your Workspace

  1. Click the three dots seen on the top left portion of the screen, then select “Add new workspace.”

  2. Give your workspace a name – It is recommended that one workspace be set up for each department. You will be able to manage each department more easily this way.

  3. After you’ve set up your workspace, begin by adding boards – There are numerous board templates to choose from depending on which department you are creating for or you may create your own from scratch.

  4. Then, customized your boards.

Workspace arrangement

When you go into the dropdown menu of your workspaces, you’ll find the Favorites section, with the main workspace listed first, followed by the other workspaces that you’re subscribed to listed alphabetically. As you scroll down, there you will see the workspaces you collaborated on. To see all the workspaces within the account, click browse all.

Renaming & deleting workspaces

To rename or delete your workspace, go to the workspace homepage and then click the three dots in the top right corner. Choose between renaming and deleting.

Workspaces type can be change but this feature is only available to the Enterprise Plan.

Types of workspaces

Open Workspace

This type of workspace allows any team member to join and has access to all Main boards as well as any Private/Shareable boards to which they have been invited.

Close Workspace

With this type, any team member can join by invitation or request. They will have access to all Main boards in that workspace, as well as any Private/Shareable boards to which they have been invited. Any team member who subscribes to a board from a closed workspace will have access to that board but will not be able to see anything else in the workspace. Main boards in Closed workspaces are only accessible to team members who have joined the workspace and board subscribers, as previously stated. These workspaces will be identified by a lock symbol, indicating that they are closed.

Restriction in Creating

By default, all team members have the ability to create a workspace. However, if you are an administrator of an Enterprise plan, you can also control who can create workspaces. This will provide an additional level of control. To accomplish this:

1. In the bottom left corner of your screen, click on your profile picture.

2. Then select “Administrator.”

3. Select “Permissions.”


The future of the workplace is fast approaching, and it promises a more efficient and productive work day. At, the future is today. Therefore, whether you’re a project manager or just another team member, these workspaces and apps system gives every team member fast access to the information they need to get their work done and manage their tasks, goals, and deadlines along the way.

Above all, is a flexible tool, which allows you to customize it workspaces—schedules, reports, to-do lists, assignments and more—according to the needs of your team. It also lets you build collaborative workspaces, where most of your communication will take place. This means that everyone on your team will be able to work toward the same goals without stepping on each other’s toes.

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