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Updated: Feb 5

The App Marketplace is a centralized platform where users can discover, explore, and integrate a variety of third-party applications to enhance the functionality and features of It serves as an ecosystem of apps and integrations that seamlessly work with to address specific needs, streamline processes, and extend the capabilities of the platform. In this blog, we'll delve into the top apps from the marketplace.

Google Calendar

Keep your team in sync and on schedule with the Google Calendar integration. Link your boards to your calendar, ensuring that deadlines, milestones, and events are seamlessly reflected. Enhance coordination and avoid scheduling conflicts with this essential time management tool. Learn how to integrate with Google Calendar by watching this tutorial video.


Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard platform, seamlessly integrates with, bringing your team's creativity and ideation to a centralized space. Visualize concepts, brainstorm ideas, and enhance collaboration by embedding Miro boards directly into your projects.


Bid farewell to manual document creation with DocuGen, a powerful app that integrates with Generate documents, contracts, and reports with ease, pulling data directly from your boards. Streamline your document workflow, reduce errors, and save valuable time for more impactful tasks.

Google Sheets Embedded

Google Sheets Embedded allows allows you to embed your Google Sheets in mere seconds. Instead of sharing links or outdated exports of your sheets, you can now share the live version. Any changes made to your Sheets file made in Google Sheets, will automatically be updated in


Automate complex workflows with Integromat, a powerful integration platform that connects with a myriad of apps. From data synchronization to task automation, Integromat ensures that your processes run smoothly, saving time and reducing manual effort.


Unito acts as a bridge between and various other project management tools, fostering cross-platform collaboration. Ensure that tasks and updates flow seamlessly between different applications, breaking down communication barriers and enhancing team efficiency.

Microsft 365 Embedded

Embed Excel, Powerpoint and Word files and Outlook Calendars from Microsoft 365 Office, OneDrive & Sharepoint in

• Embed Word documents to provide planning docs in your board views

• Embed Excel spreadsheets to bring data into your item views

• Embed PowerPoint presentations to enhance dashboards and workdocs

• View all your Office files & Outlook calendars from Microsoft 365 Office, OneDrive & Sharepoint's App Marketplace is a playground for innovation, offering a diverse array of tools to elevate your project management game. By incorporating these apps into your workflow, you'll not only streamline processes but also unlock the full potential of collaborative success. Embrace efficiency, foster creativity, and chart a course towards project management excellence with these essential apps.

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