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Time-Saving Tips For Your Law Firm

Lawyers have a lot of responsibilities and work to do. And it's not just about running your law firm. Lawyers have to juggle other professional duties as well: meetings, client meetings, paper reviews, and discharging their tasks. They love to save the most amount of time and work. But how can they save time? One thing you can do is use features.

Using in your law office will help you save time, manage tasks more effectively and make more revenue through time-saving tools like these:

1. Use the calendar view.

The calendar view on is a fantastic tool for getting a constant perspective of your tasks for a given day. You can give the tasks listed on your board a more relevant view by using the list. Whether you are at work, at home, or on the go, you can easily download the mobile app and access the calendar view directly on many devices. To separate business meetings from appointments or other professional responsibilities, think about giving tasks colors.

2. Make a list of items.

Being aware of all you need to do is a crucial aspect of effective time management. Make a list of all the things you have to do today and this week, along with their due dates. You can free up your thoughts from having to focus on attempting to recall everything that has to be done by writing these down as items on your board. You can order the jobs according to urgency and discover what still has to be done by grouping them into groups based on their status and establishing a priority level.

3. Set-up alert notifications.

Don't count on yourself to remember everything you have to do each day. Utilize the bundled notifications and reminders that come with automations. You can customize automation recipes to meet your unique needs. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for a deadline that is tomorrow or even next week by setting reminders. Before a meeting, a one-hour notice can be useful for gathering any last-minute materials or ideas. You may be prompted to complete the next item in your calendar with a brief pop-up.

4. Automations

You can create your own automated workflows or select from readily available templates thanks to a fantastic feature called Automations. You can choose to work on what is more essential to you while eliminating the tedious tasks with the aid of automation recipes. Additionally, these automation recipes may be tweaked to the type of workflow you have and are rather flexible.

5. Workspaces

Your capacity to manage your time is immediately and badly impacted by disorganization. It is advised to organize teams by departments, teams, and projects in a single location using Workspaces to combat team disorganization. By doing this, you may enhance team collaboration throughout your whole law company in order to increase output and efficiency.

6. Boards

Wherever your workflows are built, they are created on a board! Visualize it as a virtual whiteboard where you can manage and keep track of anything, from straightforward daily tasks to challenging multi-step projects! Additionally, since boards are completely interactive and collaborative, you and your team can cooperate to complete tasks. Create workflows on boards, and then layout each board appropriately with groups according to item statuses.

7. WorkDocs and WorkForms

Though every day presents fresh challenges, there are some tasks that we must perform repeatedly throughout the week or a single day, such as managing email campaigns. Create email templates on WorkDocs to save time while composing emails, letters, and other documents on a regular basis. Create straightforward forms for your clients using WorkForms that include checklists to assist you in collecting vital data or records that are relevant to their case. is an efficient, affordable, and feature-packed collaborative online meeting room software that your legal team will love. It helps them keep track of clients, their paperwork and appointments in one central location without the need for an IT team to set it up. Their intelligent automation feature allows them to focus on those matters which are most important rather than on routine manual tasks like reminding clients of their next appointments and the like.

Streamline the way your firm works with from the front to the back. With the features listed above, can improve your team's day-to-day workflow dramatically. It may not be for every firm, but after testing Monday for a month, there is no doubt that it will help you increased productivity and efficiency.

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