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The Relevance of Connect Boards Column

Updated: Feb 5

The Connect Boards Column is one of the most useful columns on - and it's also one we've been meaning to highlight for a while!

The Connect Boards Column allows you to easily link a column to the items of another board - or multiple boards! This column is a great way to connect information between different boards and is especially handy when your workflow involves interrelated boards.

How to add the Connect Boards Column?

Let's say you have a weekly project management board, where you track all of your tasks for the week. You also have a daily task list for each day of the week that you use for scheduling. You can use this column to link each task from your weekly board with its corresponding item from your daily task list. This way, if you need to see the status of a particular task on one board—or if you want to add new ones from another board—you only need to go back into that same column and click "Add New Items."

Follow these steps below:

1. From your Projects Board, add a column by clicking the plus button found at the right part of the items/row.

2. Choose "Connect Boards" from the options. If it does not appear on the selections, click "More columns" and use the search bar to quickly find it.

3. Click "Add to board".

4. Once the Connect Boards column has been added to your Project board, you need to select a specific board to which you want the Project Boards to be connected to. In this case, we will choose the Task Board.

5. Again, use the search bar to easily find the board you want to connect.

6. Once found, check the box with "Create a two-way connection. This will add a new column on the Task Board and items connected to the board will automatically be reflected.

7. Click "Connect boards".

8. You can rename the column as "Tasks Board".

9. You may opt to create a Mirror Column once the two boards had been connected to each other. You also have the option to do it later. The Mirror Column will help you reflect information from different columns of the connected boards. You can also select which columns you want to be mirrored to.

10. Now that both boards are now connected, check the box of the item from the Tasks Board's items. You will notice that the item name you selected from the Task Board will be displayed.

There you have it. Your current board is now connected to one of your boards.

If you're looking for an easy way to keep track of all the things that need doing in your life, but don't want to clutter up your main board with all of them, why not use this feature? It's like having an assistant who will help you get through everything on time.

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