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The Power of Permission Controls in

Updated: Feb 5

Understanding Permission Controls

At the heart of's collaborative prowess lies its sophisticated permission control system. This feature allows users to finely tune who can access, view, edit, and manage different aspects of their workspace. In this blog, you will through the intricacies of permissions, exploring Board Permissions, Column Permissions, Dashboard Permissions, Workspace Permissions, and Account Permissions.

Board Permissions

At the core of's permission architecture are Board Permissions. Here, users can set the stage for collaboration by determining who gets access to specific boards. Whether it's a project board, a sales pipeline, or a creative brainstorming space, you have the authority to decide which team members are in the know and who can actively contribute.

Column Permissions

Delving deeper into the details, Column Permissions allow for a more nuanced control over data access. With this feature, you can dictate who can view and edit specific columns within a board. Imagine a project management board where financial details are only accessible to the finance team—Column Permissions make this level of precision possible.

Dashboard Permissions

Dashboards are the visual hub of information in, offering a snapshot of key metrics and progress. With Dashboard Permissions, you can tailor the visibility and interactivity of dashboards. Control who can view, edit, or manage these dynamic displays, ensuring that the right eyes are on the right data.

Workspace Permissions

Moving up the hierarchy, Workspace Permissions enable you to govern access to entire workspaces. Whether you're organizing projects by departments, clients, or teams, Workspace Permissions give you the authority to decide who can enter and engage with these dedicated spaces. This feature is crucial for maintaining a structured and secure collaborative environment.

Account Permissions

At the highest level, Account Permissions grant control over the entire account. Admins can manage user roles, configure account settings, and ensure that the overall account security is maintained. This level of control is essential for organizations with multiple teams and diverse collaborative needs.'s permission controls empower users to customize their collaborative experience with unparalleled precision. By mastering these controls, teams can strike the perfect balance between openness and security, fostering a culture of effective collaboration. So, dive in, explore, and unleash the full potential of's permission controls for your team's success!

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