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Updated: Feb 5

Do you get impatient with switching between boards every now and then to check specific details, or do you manually duplicate certain information from one board to another?

Connecting boards and adding a Mirror Column is key!

With Mirror Column, you can alter the content on a specific board without switching to another.

Before we can add the Mirror Column, we must first set up the Connect Boards Column to have the items linked from each individual board.

Then we may add the Mirror Column by following the steps outlined below.

1. Click the "Plus" sign icon on the right side of your board and search "Mirror" in the Column Center.

2. Once found, click "Add to board".

3. Click "Connect" and choose the Connect Boards Column you have recently added to your board.

4. Choose which columns you want to mirror from the connected board.

5. Then, rename the Mirror Column.

You may add several Mirror Columns depending on which column from another board you want to be displayed and anytime you want to change the column that is displayed can be made possible by going to the column settings and choosing a different column from the connected board found on the drop-down menu.

You can also change how a mirrored status or number column is displayed. Choose between showing a summary of "All labels" and "What's done" for the Status Column and "Sum", "Average", and so on for the Numbers Column.

Now that you understand the fundamentals of Mirror Column, you can begin streamlining your boards and making your workflow more efficient.

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