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Updated: Feb 5

The growth of social media and the need to use it as a marketing channel is more evident nowadays amidst businesses of all sizes. Given the dynamic nature of these platforms, the challenges in planning and execution would be tough if not impossible. Social media planning is not easy to organize, particularly if your team is working in different time zones. But using , there is a lot of room for flexibility and keeping things on track, while being able to easily communicate with everyone involved. With, you can plan ahead and execute better so that you’ll always be ahead on your game.

And yes, is good for personal use too!

Read our blog here: Discussing the social media content strategy Before you even put all the creativity into a visual view, it is inevitable that you discuss and collaborate with the team members how you want the whole outcome to appear like and every important things discussed are to be place now on Putting all the ideas.. Sharing the step by step process of how you can use for your social media content planning:

  1. To begin, you have to create a board.

  2. Create a new group. You may name it as “Content Ideas” or any name you want to label it with.

  3. Add items in the Content Ideas group

  4. Subscribe your team members to the board

  5. Assign tasks to your team members. You can assign multiple teammates to one task. They will both be able to follow the progress of the task but also edit it if they want to.

  6. Use the Update section to ask questions or make clarifications about a task. You can also add attachments, upload images, videos and files.

  7. Once it’s done, mark the task as complete or done.

Tracking the performance of the strategy The platform hosts a visual overview of your project and timeline, which makes it easier for you to communicate with the rest of the team, analyze performance and make necessary changes.

Whether you work with a small company or a global corporation, you have to put time aside to plan the next week’s worth of content. can help you and your team accomplish this in record time, so here’s hoping that more businesses will adopt it and experience the great results for themselves. The little efforts that you make could get you a long way in engaging an audience for your business or brand. All these efforts are only achieved through proper planning in advance and is an ideal platform for this kind of planning.

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