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Uncover hidden insights and enhance decision-making with advanced reporting features on From sales and marketing to overall productivity, these tools empower businesses to visualize data, monitor KPIs, and navigate through challenges while optimizing opportunities. Discover five lesser-known features through expert guidance to maximize the value of your collected data.

Stacked Charts

Elevate your charting skills by moving beyond the familiar line graphs and pie charts. Stacked charts offer an enhanced level of detail, acting as bar graphs that introduce a third variable beyond the standard X and Y axes. This involves "stacking" additional variables on top of each other. To illustrate, consider tracking monthly revenue (Y axis) with a bar graph (X axis), and further enhance it by stacking individual product sales in distinct colors.


Achieving your goals starts with knowing what they are. Successful goal setting involves envisioning the finish line and taking systematic steps toward it. Monday's benchmarks tool enhances your reports by providing additional context. Set specific targets or thresholds to compare actual performance against desired outcomes.

As an illustration, consider adding a benchmark line to a revenue report, indicating the point at which your company becomes profitable. With this visual cue, each time you review the report, you can track your progress toward your objectives.

Team Workload

Monday's team workload feature provides a comprehensive overview of the upcoming (or future) weekly workload. This allows us to proactively plan, take control, and optimize productivity through strategic task delegation. As specialists in maximizing business resources on, we extensively utilize this widget. In this report, you'll identify team members who are overloaded and those with available time. This insight enables you to assign tasks effectively, empowering your teammates to reach their full potential.

Pivot Board

Utilize the versatile and customizable Pivot Board to analyze organization-wide data from various perspectives. Slice and dice the information in multiple ways, adding layers for in-depth analysis to uncover hidden trends that contribute to the success of your business.

Performance Insights

Gain valuable performance insights with the dynamic Performance Insights widget on This powerful tool provides a comprehensive view of key metrics, enabling informed decision-making for optimal business outcomes. Elevate your data analysis and enhance performance tracking effortlessly with this feature.

In conclusion, the reporting features on play a pivotal role in empowering businesses to make informed decisions. By providing visibility into productivity, project pipelines, and other key metrics, these advanced reporting tools enable organizations to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and ultimately drive success. The ability to customize and analyze data enhances strategic planning, fostering a more agile and efficient approach to achieving business goals.

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