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Updated: Feb 5

For those needing a little help deciding which project management tools to use, this is another content you will have to read before you even jump to your conclusions. We will give you the following points below so you will have a thorough idea of which project management tool will actually work for you, is it or ClickUp?

  1. Similarities of & ClickUp

  2. Differences of & ClickUp

  3. What are the missing pieces of ClickUp that have?

  4. Strengths of ClickUp compared to


  • They both have a mobile app – Both are accessible on your mobile anywhere you may go any time of the day.

  • Workloads for team members are manageable – You may be able to see updates on tasks that are taking place and know if each team member was given an equal workload which can be seen on a customized workload chart. That way, you may initiate to add more tasks or lessen.

  • Dashboards can be customized according to your preferences.

  • Known Calendar platforms can be integrated – the most common is Google Calendar


  • ClickUp can be a bit mind-boggling for first-time users, while is very easy to use. One of’s focuses is user adaptation and everything of it is straightforward to use and more likely has plenty of guidance for beginners.

  • There is a complete Freemium plan offer for ClickUp while has no free plan offer – Most users tend to choose ClickUp because of the free forever plan.

Missing pieces of ClickUp that have

  • Dashboard widgets don’t refresh automatically, but they can be set to refresh regularly. Also, they have fewer types of widgets than can offer.

  • Native ClickUp integrations are far less extensive – they’re missing Salesforce and Jira, to name a few. Also, they can’t be configured as recipes like automation which makes it harder to automate tasks across platforms. Many of them are not two-way and must use a 3rd party.

  • monday workdocs are richer than ClickUp’s. It features live-updating widgets and a real-time engine that allows people to work without it being altered accidentally

  • Some security measures are missing like ISO, SOC 1 & 3, and more which are very important.

Strengths of ClickUp compared to

  • Workspace/folder level visibility allows a user to look at the contents of multiple boards within a workspace or a folder. (i.e.. if you click on a folder, you can see all items within all boards that are within the folder.)

  • Similar support structure

  • Role-based Permissions – One of the very few competitors that have this ability. (We have this too, but it’s so rare that a competitor does as well, it’s worth mentioning)

  • 1 Item in More Than 1 Board – ClickUp UI and UX may be more favorable than our Mirror/link to item column, though it has less functionality.

  • No Guest User Domain Block – ClickUp allows its clients to purchase a small number of seats, and have a large amount of their company come on as guests, with no apparent limitations. (Note: This may not be their official policy.)

Recommendation We would easily recommend as it has the quickest adaption rate among users. It won’t take so much grasp and energy. If you want a more future-oriented digital set-up with your business or already have projections for your business in scaling it, then the choice would be

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