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Updated: Feb 5

If you are a business owner or a manager, how do you plan and schedule your projects? How do your project team members meet and discuss? Do you find task delegation difficult to assign to your members considering their availability? While multiple projects can really be a lot, naturally it is not an easy task. Like in a factory, there would be plenty of function units. Advantageously, we are in a new era and there is a bunch of project managing software to choose from that can help you depending on the needs and workflow of your business. Now, let’s talk about two of the primary project management programs, VS Asana. If you are already using a PM software other than these two but want to switch and try a different program, or if plainly are just starting with your business and curious about which programs will work for you and your business then we will break down simple comparisons for you.

In this blog, you will be able to know the following items:

  1. Strengths of Asana

  2. Advantages of

  3. edges over Asana

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Strengths of Asana

Asana was founded earlier than in November 2008 while launched in February 2012. It may be a no surprise why Asana has been known in the last few years. But let’s try to understand how Asana has been doing so far. These are their strengths:

  • Visual dependencies – Yes, they are a bit more advanced.

  • Users can assign tasks to multiple projects easily (and they update dynamically across all projects) – It is much easier to set up.

  • Neat Outlook plugin to easily sync emails from your Outlook inbox into any project.

  • Portfolios – users can group multiple projects together to gain higher visibility including how workload is distributed across projects.

  • Project Overview – A central, very-high level homepage for a single board that allows you to assign roles, key touches, and a brief.

  • Chat – Users can send DMs to another user, team, project, or portfolio. Drag and drop key info from boards that form as links to boards and items.

  • Universal Reporting – Can aggregate data across multiple projects by selecting data via portfolios, owners, or individual projects (boards). You as users don’t have to manually add a new board every time one is created.

Advantages of

However, they are missing some important things that we believed may have room for improvement but has them already. Such things include:

  • Ability to assign more than one person to a task or item.

  • Customized Dashboards for executives/management.

  • Universal Reporting (dashboards) are limited to charts and number widgets – This allows for some high-level reporting, but the ways in which data is presented (number widgets) are very limited. Likely unable to be their only source of reporting.

  • Ability to build out any workflow or process for any team, resulting in an elimination of cross-functional bottlenecks when collaboration is necessary.

  • Robust automation can trigger a lot more things to happen in just one click. One click can, for example, assign a person or team, send a notification, and create a new board from a template, simultaneously. edges over Asana

There are certain key project management features that our edges over Asana and here are the following:

Top of the list would be the Security and Privacy Features. Both programs may have offered a two-factor authentication but has the more supplemental security that offers an SSO with known apps such as Okta and One Log-in. Asana offers through Google only. Aside from that, has additional security features like SOC 3 which can be very vital for business in the finance industry.

Time tracker. Unlike, Asana does not have time tracking features.

Pricing. Both have free plan offers but Asana is pricier than So if you are just starting with your business and you think investing in much higher-priced PM software is not your prime concern for now, then would be best for you.Apart from these, has a 24/7 support system too! Now that we have a better understanding of how each program works, we hope that you’ll also be able to heft important things out from here, including those challenges that you face with work on a daily basis. wants every business to have that success stories to share with their partners while using the “all-in-one-solution” software.

We bet that you also want that right? Let us hear your thoughts.

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