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Updated: Feb 5

If you work in a creative field and have always been looking for the perfect tool to share work progress with your team members, know that there is a solution. was designed with that exact purpose in mind — to help people communicate and be open with each other while building their ideas. If you want to see what this app is all about, keep reading.

With that, is great for Social Media Planning too! Read here: is ideal for creative teams – A platform for leaders who want to unleash their teams’ creativity, foster collaboration, and optimize workflow. Similarly, it’s got the essentials you need to get your team on the same page, and then some! Features:

  • Adding/Managing Photos – The designs, pictures, and films that your company regularly produces are the key factor in why you needed to work together as a creative team. The feature of that makes it so helpful for your team is the capability of team collaboration and shared page viewing without switching between apps.

  • Comment sections – Commenting is enabled for both pictures and videos. To participate in original ideas, your team can submit comments to any projects. Yes, gifs too! The ability to tag a person for a particular task is also available in the comments. You can easily make whatever discussion you want to have on

  • Conversation Tool – Use the conversation feature to work together on fresh concepts. With the help of this function, you can send messages straight to the person responsible for a given assignment. You can tag or mention their names, and they will be notified right away. This is the primary tool where you may most likely gather inspiration, interact with the entire team, and doodle ideas for your creative projects.

  • Customized Boards for Deadlines – makes it feasible to assign due dates to each project. However, if you use a different calendar application (such as Google Calendar) for each event, task, and meeting, you may integrate it with


We’re the first to confess that as we’ve used the platform more, we’ve grown very enthusiastic about for teams. Planning tools, project status updates, and file sharing are all included, just as you’d expect from a collaboration platform, but it’s also scalable as an organization expands. Therefore, you can be confident that by using as the collaboration platform for your creative team, you will definitely succeed in completing all of your goals, including managing your processes with ease, developing a calendar, putting your plans into action, and keeping on top of everything.

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