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Mindflows Wins the Award as The Fastest Growing Referral Partner 2022

Updated: May 26, 2023

Mindflows attended the Executive Partner Summit from in Tel Aviv, Israel this month where the executives of some of the biggest and top companies in this industry from all over the globe were invited. In numbers, the event gathered 91 partner companies, participants from 40 countries, and 17 award winners. It was a two-day event that also offered valuable sessions and high-level events, such as an award ceremony and a party in a beautiful location!

We are enthusiastic to have won the award for Fastest Growing Referral Partner 2022. As a company, we have learned that the best way to achieve our goals and maintain the highest standards is by having the right people in our team. The best way to achieve this is through constant training, learning, and team coaching. One of the most important things that the team considers when making any type of goal is to have the right mindset. We're very grateful for this recognition and would not be able to achieve this without our clients and team members who work hard every day to make this company successful.

In just 9 months, Mindflows achieved:

  • 55,000$ ARR for 2022 with 100% Outbound Sales

  • 1000+ implementation hours

  • 20+ projects in 4 different countries

  • 10+ industries catered

We'd like to celebrate this success to everyone who have helped us to achieve this amazing milestone! Our goal for this year is to launch a solution for Legal Firms. With the solution we are building, lawyers, paralegals and team members can easily keep track of their active and inactive files and for lawyers who want a simple way to get their files organized, regardless of how many case files they are working on.

We're so excited for what the future holds, and we hope you are too! We'll be looking forward to the following months this year, and hope to further our business by continuing to do what we love.

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