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Is owned by Microsoft?

Updated: Feb 5

It is one of the best tools for managing work and teams, and getting people up to speed. But do you know whether it is owned by Microsoft or not? is offering a modern, always-on collaboration platform used by people in small agile teams to enterprise-wide globally distributed companies.

After long, finally in this post we will be diving deep into the question everyone is dying to know – Is owned by Microsoft?

First, let’s look through‘s history. History is a cloud-based platform that enables customers to build custom work management tools and applications. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, the business went public in June 2021. It was founded by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman in 2012 and named the software dapulse. After the product’s commercial release in 2014, the company changed the name of its brand from dapulse to in November 2017. Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, the company’s co-founders, had personal experience with the difficulties associated with rapidly developing businesses. They made the decision to work with their team to create a product that people truly want to use, and as a result, was created.

So is owned by Microsoft? In conclusion, Microsoft does not own Witty Fact: Given that we are discussing and how it relates to Microsoft, did you know that various Microsoft apps can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft Outlook, and OneDrive are a few examples of these applications. Another Fact: uses recipes instead of coding, in contrast to most automated apps that require formulas or coding. This is one of the best features of the platform because not everyone is skilled at coding. The automation can be tailored to how a specific board should be formed.

In addition, features a UI that is incredibly user-friendly. Therefore, the platform is not just for project management but it can help you achieve other things like setting your goals, tracking them, and achieving them. If you are an enterprise that wants to be efficient in all they do then the platform is a great choice.

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