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Is Good for Personal Use?

Updated: Feb 5

How many of us have ever looked for a tool to make our own tasks more efficient? One thing unites all project teams, regardless of whether they are made up of individual freelancers, group employees, or both. Everybody needs a tool of some kind to keep them organized. Thinking of as personal use? Read more below!

The Individual Plan from is designed for freelancers who want to manage their projects and workload. This plan is good if you only want to use the most important components of Also, there’s a free plan for Here’s one of our blog posts about it:

So, Yes! is good for personal use.

Individual Plan Features

  • You can have a maximum of two users with the Individual Plan – You may thus invite one other team member in addition to yourself.

  • There is no limit on the number of boards you may make, however, there is a 1,000 item limit – The rows that make up the boards are referred to as items.

  • Create unlimited docs – To communicate with the other account member, you can use Work doc. For any personal projects and tasks you undertake, this feature, which is a part of the free plan, will be very helpful. This can also be used to help you plan out your writing.

  • Over 20 column types – Make your boards in accordance with your needs. Just keep in mind that numbers have a limit.

  • Conversation tool – You can collaborate with the other member using this, especially when sharing data, documents, and videos. When a specific comment or update is added, you will be notified instantly.

  • Mobile App – Utilize on your mobile device to stay connected anywhere alse.

  • Shareable forms – From your boards, you may build or edit a form that you can then share with others.

  • Personalized notifications – Tailor a notification to help you meet your specific deadlines and needs.

  • Views & reporting – You can learn more about how you are operating in various ways by looking at dashboards. The Kanban view can be used to manage work as well. From there, you can delegate duties to the other team members based on their abilities.


It is clear that there are many ways anybody can benefit from such project management apps. Such tools can help in keeping everything organized, which can be very helpful when one needs to keep track of many different projects at the same time. Also, it’s also evident that does not limit its users only to professionals or businesses but rather individuals as well.

The benefit of using various features on is that it helps with keeping everything organized and hence makes anything easier for the users who use it on a daily basis.

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