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Updated: Feb 5

Meetings are a given regardless of how many tasks you have to complete. A meeting or two will inevitably come by your desk more quickly than you can handle them. We must look for ways to make meetings as efficient as possible because we all know how crucial but time-consuming they can be.

This article will inform you about one of the most in-demand technological advancements of the modern era:, a platform for planning and coordinating meetings effectively.

So, how to plan an effective meeting?

Make it short.

It's critical that only updates and issues that are crucial to the business are discussed; all other matters can be handled via email.

Have you ever experienced a day that was jam-packed with all you needed to get done? Prioritizing your tasks was already on your mind, but then an unexpected corporate meeting was called, and it turned out that a lot of discussions would need to take place there, delaying all of your work. You now believe that the issues discussed should have been emailed instead because they were not as relevant as they should have been.

For this reason, meetings shouldn't last for too long.

Make it strategic: Jot down all agendas with Monday WorkDoc.

To keep your meetings focused, set the tone from the beginning. They should have a specific goal and not just information sharing and make sure everyone knows about the goal and how it will benefit them.


Easily convert topics into item names on your board from Monday Workdoc by highlighting a specific phrase and then clicking the "+ items" you see on the right part or simply pressing the shortcut key CTRL + Shift + I on your keyboard.

Welcoming and collective.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a productive meeting is to allow everyone to share their thoughts. You must keep everyone involved through collaboration and sharing.

It's not enough to just go around the room and have people say what they think—you have to give them a chance to say it and make sure everyone feels heard.

This is why it's so important to keep everyone involved when you're planning your meeting agenda. It makes sure that no one goes off in the wrong direction, and it keeps any potential conflict from going off track before it even starts!

Zoom Integration.

Meetings on calls are preferable if some of your team members work remotely.

Simply integrate Zoom into your account and begin scheduling meetings.

Meetings are a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page, but they can also be a terrible way to do that.

First of all, most meetings start with the same thing: "Hi, we're here to talk about this!" So if you're not sure what needs to be talked about, you're probably not going to get anywhere.

Second, people tend to forget their goals when they get together. The end result is that you've spent time getting together and had no clear idea of what you're doing or why it matters at all.

While meetings are an important part of the business, they can also be difficult to keep on track. That's is why is the solution.

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