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Does Integrate with Gmail?

Updated: Feb 5 is your digital hub for developing, managing, and completing the tasks that are crucial to your company. The best part about is that it has free templates so you can get started right away! So yes, integrates with Gmail!

With that, you can also send automated emails! Click here to know more:

So what can you actually accomplish after your and Gmail accounts are integrated?

Email Marketing

Your email marketing will never be the same just because you may send bulk emails on With personalised email templates, you wouldn’t have to stress about having to spend the better part of each day trying to send thousands of emails; instead, with, emails are sent with only a few clicks.

Communication with Team Members or Clients

Communication is the cornerstone of every business, and serves as a wonderful tool for every business to host their communication with team members and clients in one spot.

Just by creating simple automation and incorporating your personalized email templates, you may transform your actions into email communication with clients and other people outside of your company.

Turn Conversation into Board Items

Since allows you to follow email threads, you might as well discover significant insights during a client conversation that should be added as a task for a member of your team. Why not put them as an item on your board?

Communication and task assignments, all done in one place!

Automation for Follow-up Emails

Follow up emails are very important. They help increase conversion rate and can be a fantastic marketing tool to contact your leads and customers that have visited your website or abandoned the purchase process or was interested with your products or services but was not able to get back.

The automation created on is the tool you need if you routinely forget to send follow-up emails. Simply set up an automation recipe to send follow-up emails on the day that works best for you.

With a list of simple email campaigns under your belt, you are ready to write and send a few more complex ones. So in order to fully enjoy the benefit of the integration, it’s best to start a free trial of the Standard Plan.

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