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Can send Automated Emails?

Updated: May 26, 2023

Can send automated emails? Reaching out to thousands of contacts every week is made possible with It’s a task that can easily get overwhelming but automation within the platform makes it easier. You’ll be able to track down all opened emails and monitor the interactions for each person from your database.

We’ll discuss a few email integration functionalities in this article. Also, here’s another blog about integrating with Gmail:

Link your email.

Therefore, you can simply connect your main inbox or any other email that you use for work. Once connected, all new emails will be automatically synced between and your email provider. Therefore, this means that you can also create any tasks from your emails to your account. This will appear automatically as an item on your board.

Use personalized email templates.

Add personalized content to your template. Automated emails can include personalized content based on who opens them and what they do after opening them. For example, if someone opens the automated email but does not reply within 24 hours, a follow-up email will be sent automatically designed to encourage them to respond.

Begin sending emails.

Choose which contacts you would like to send emails to by selecting them from your contacts list with their email addresses. Automated emails are sent at a certain time. You can create multiple templates for different types of automated emails, and schedule them accordingly.

Email Tracking

Check the “Email tracking” box which is located at the bottom of the email editor. In addition, this is to ensure that you will keep track of each communication you have with any email address you contact.

Create Automations

You can set up pre-made automation or create your own from scratch. Therefore, you can spend more time on the most crucial duties while saving a lot of time on sending repetitive email messages.

With that, using, you can save weekly time by being able to automate actions that would cost you separately with other tools, leading to a highly convenient email marketing and communication with your prospects. In other words, the support staff at is very helpful, as always! can definitely send automated emails!

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