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All About Boards

Boards, the building elements that organize your activities, projects, and processes, are at the heart of this adaptable work operating system - In this course, we'll go beyond the basics to discover the art of designing, refining, and mastering boards that are tailored to your specific workflow.

What are Boards?

Boards function as the foundational organizing elements in, characterized by a straightforward structure. In a board, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with four primary components: Groups, Columns, Items, and Sub-items. These informational segments can be arranged in numerous ways to accommodate a variety of project management requirements.

Key Components of a Board

  • Groups: Boards provide a robust organizational framework through the incorporation of groups. This feature allows for meticulous categorization, ensuring a structured approach to managing work based on project phases, departments, or any other specified criteria. The implementation of groups serves as a foundational element, facilitating enhanced orderliness and clarity within your workflow.

  • Columns: Columns within Boards embody diverse attributes and task-related information. Ranging from due dates and assignees to status and priority, these columns offer a comprehensive array of details, ensuring that you have the nuanced information necessary for effective task management and project coordination.

  • Items: Serve as the fundamental units of work or tasks within a board. Each item represents a distinct action or task, residing within a designated group. These items are pivotal components that encapsulate detailed information related to the specific task at hand. By existing within a group, items contribute to the structured organization of work, allowing teams to seamlessly organize, track, and collaborate on various aspects of their projects. They are the core building blocks that empower effective project management and facilitate a comprehensive understanding of tasks within the broader context of the project.

  • Subitems: sub-items are secondary elements related with individual tasks or items on a board. They add another level of detail, allowing users to split tasks down into more granular components. Checklists, additional information, or supplemental details are examples of sub-items that provide a deeper level of structure and insight into the nuances of a certain activity. They increase the adaptability of boards by tolerating detailed nuances and allowing for a more thorough comprehension of the core task or item.

Adding Your First Board

To add a new board, click on the "+ Add" button on the left pane on your screen and then select "New Board". From the same menu, you can also choose to import a new board from Excel, Google SheetsTrello, and more, or choose from a pre-prepared template.

Board Types features three board types: main, shareable, and private. Despite having identical structures, these boards differ in the access levels they offer. Main boards are for general use, shareable boards enable collaboration with external stakeholders, and private boards provide restricted access. For a comprehensive understanding of these distinctions, refer to the detailed insights available in the accompanying article.

Tips for Maximizing Your Board Experience:

1. Explore Templates: offers a variety of templates for different use cases. Explore these templates to find a starting point that aligns with your project or workflow.

2. Embrace Board Views: Experiment with different board views such as "Timeline" and "Calendar" to visualize your tasks in alternative formats. This can provide valuable perspectives on project timelines and deadlines.

3. Utilize Integrations: Integrate your board with other tools and apps to streamline workflows. supports numerous integrations that enhance connectivity and automate processes.

4. Learn Shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts to navigate efficiently. Shortcuts can save time and enhance your overall user experience.

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