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A Great Time Management Tool for Lawyers

Most lawyers use a planner to track the tasks they have to do, but only a few use it effectively. The Calendar widget from is a great alternative tool to traditional planners. It's based on a set of items that are already on the board. It allows you to manage your time more effectively and allows you to organize a schedule with appointments, meetings, and tasks.

A board view that organizes your board and shows your items by date in an aesthetically pleasing calendar is the Calendar view and widget.

Depending on your preferences, it shows the dates from your items in calendar mode depending on the month, week, and day! You can see all you have coming up in one glance without becoming distracted by the things that can wait a little while longer. Additionally, you have the option of using a Dashboard to view your calendars across one or more boards.

Adding the Calendar View to the Board

Here is a step-by-step process on how to add the Calendar view to your board:

  1. Click the + icon at the top of your board and select More views.

  2. With the Views Center, search for Calendar, and click "Open in board".

Adding the Calendar Widget to the Dashboard

If you prefer to have the calendar displayed on a Dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Dashboard, and click the "+ Add widget" at the top left portion.

  2. Select "More widgets".

  3. In the Widgets center, search for "Calendar" and click "Add widget".

You can always choose which board from your account should you have a Calendar view, may it be the Task board, or the Matters boards where all of the new, or currently worked-on matters are being managed. This only means that your boards and the Calendar view are connected to each other and that whatever updates you make whether on the Calendar view or on the board, they will all reflect to both.

If you miss a meeting or deadline because you aren't paying attention or are put in the wrong time zone, then it's actually hard work for you because you have to keep track of everything you need to do in order to complete your tasks. That is why with a sleek tool like Calendar view and widget, you can avoid the unnecessary fuss and get your attention by giving yourself an easy-to-scan overview of all your appointments and deadline dates right at one glance.

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